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Appreciative Inquiry (AI) – Using the Power and Wisdom of Successes

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AI is a philosophy as well as a methodological approach for team and organizational development. It may admit the existence of problems, but the focus it chooses is entirely elsewhere — on the unfolding of group resources and potentials.

There are a few basic assumptions that are at the heart of AI:

  • People and social systems always develop in the direction of their focus and attention.
  • Every human being, every relationship and every system has unsuspected and unused positive potential that comes to light now and then.
  • People face the future with more trust and comfort if they are able to keep something from the past.
  • If we keep something from the past, it should be the best of the past.

The past and present are rich with positive experiences and insights and can be an infinite source for development, performance and success.

A Six Month Course in Appreciation

How to Successfully Integrate the Attitude and Instruments of Appreciation in Participants’ Lives

  • Explore with participants all there is to know about appreciation and how to use it in day to day life,
  • Go through an Appreciative Inquiry process to support sustainable outcomes,
  • Create a high vibration level and keep it alive throughout the course and beyond.

The Set-up:

Up to 8 participants meeting in a weekly conference call for 90 minutes with two coaches.

The 7 Appreciators’ Perspectives

It is not in question that we experience ups and downs in life. The question is: How to deal constructively with them?

The Appreciators (Die Wertschätzer) reflected, reasoned and researched this question for 5 years. The result? The 7 Appreciative Perspectives. We have found they have the power to deepen, spread and create appreciation. They make a difference in people’s lives—especially ours.

Coaching by phone – simply, effectively, and powerfully.

We mostlty work with our favourite tool, the telephone.

Find out why: Besides unquestionable practicality, it actually has some special qualities of its own. The limitation to hearing the coaching partner has his own special and natural quality. It promotes the concentration on the essential topic without any distraction of visual impressions. Coaching processes can develop rapidly and effectively.

We create appreciation!

From competence to excellence

Working with us gives you access to the latent potential in your company or organization. Alongside you, we investigate your project or area of concern with full appreciation.

The APPRECIATORS offer you professional coaching, training and consulting. Custom for you, your company or organisation: The focus does not lie on correcting mistakes but discovering and unfolding success factors.

Appreciation causes remarkably positive result in many areas such as:

Appreciating the Factors of Success

Appreciating the Factors of Success - the appreciators

Humans long for appreciation and recognition.

Many of our conscious and unconscious actions are based on this primal urge.

Appreciation of ourselves and others is a firm foundation for long-term success

We invite you to make this great — and often unused — potential available to your company. Each individual in a group or organization can be a key player in this positive change.


We support you in the process while you:

  • Open up and develop potentials
  • Efficiently design change processes in an appreciative way
  • Experience simpler and more effective communication both inside and outside the workplace
  • Avoid conflicts, or rather get past them more quickly and easily
  • Internalize appreciation of yourself and the world