A Six Month Course in Appreciation

How to Successfully Integrate the Attitude and Instruments of Appreciation in Participants’ Lives

  • Explore with participants all there is to know about appreciation and how to use it in day to day life,
  • Go through an Appreciative Inquiry process to support sustainable outcomes,
  • Create a high vibration level and keep it alive throughout the course and beyond.

The Set-up:

Up to 8 participants meeting in a weekly conference call for 90 minutes with two coaches.

The Tools:

Appreciative Inquiry, Focusing, The 7 Appreciator’s Perspectives (and more), Coaching.

Our Learnings:

Be strong in the Destiny phase and support participants to always stay in touch with their dream.

The Outcome:

Surprisingly outstanding results in all aspects of participants’ lives.

“If you had told me at the begining of the year, where I would be today, I wouldn’t have believed it.”

“Every session was a gain.”

“Whatever energy level I came into the session with, I always ended up with higher energy afterwards.”

“Our weekly calls have supported me through the whole week.”

“I got new clarity regarding the direction I have to take and what has to be done. With this I feel more at ease.”

“The space we created — I would like to have more of this.”

“Room for miracles to happen — this is what you provide with this group.”

“This appreciative space and the clear focus on one’s own potential — I miss it now that the course has ended.”

How We Do It:

  • Appreciating people the way they are — the key
  • Being committed to people and their living potentials
  • Listening from appreciation in each and every moment
  • Listening for participants’ potential and their Destiny fulfilled
  • Being skillful and adaptive using different methods such as AI
  • Creating a safe space in which miracles occur

The Content:

Appreciation as a way of being, as an attitude:

  • Our research: What is an appreciative way of being all about?
  • Our practices: The 7 Appreciator’s Perspectives, appreciation diary, etc.

Appreciative Inquiry as the participant’s personal guidance:

  • Create an access to Appreciative Inquiry and its underlying principles
  • Support participants in their personal Appreciative Inquiry process
  • Enjoy the 4-(5)-D-Cycle with a quick start
  • Dance in the flow and be flexible with the process
  • Show participants ways to have AI present in their lives e.g. during a coffee break, at a party, in a meeting, etc.
  • Make sure to celebrate the people, their work, their commitment, their achievements!!!

Circle Coaching: a key success factor!

  • A reflective space for each participant in an appreciative context
  • Every participant has a coach and is coachee to someone else
  • Every participant gets a weekly phone coaching session
  • Additional coaching sessions with the group leaders are optional

Personal appreciation for everyone in the group: a great gift

  • Setting: One participant after the other gets to sit in the “frying pan” and receives the acknowledgement, appreciation and recognition from (all) participants and the group leaders, one by one.
  • A 10 (or more) minute long sharing starting with sentences like:
  • Who you are for me is ...
  • Your contribution was ...
  • I was impressed by ...
  • I appreciate you for ...

The 7 Appreciators’ Perspectives:

Discover them, apply them and share your experience.

Get your copy here www.sourceofappreciation.org

Your personal contact:

Looking forward to hearing from you!

Gertraud Wegst » gertraud.wegst@theappreciators.com

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