Appreciation Activates Hidden Potentials

Telephone/web-based seminar in “Appreciative Inquiry”

Available on mutual agreement of five to seven participants

This seminar issuitable for Coaches, Trainers, Consultants, Human Resources staff and
Executives, i rrespective of where they arebased, as the traini ngsessions are conducted
via phone- and/or web-based conferencing facilities.

Our Intention:
  • All participantshave internalized appreciation as a way of seeing themselves and the world.
  • All participants are empowered and inspired to develop and facilitate
  • Appreciative Inquiry processes.

Appreci ative Inquiry is a new wayof learning. Jointly we inquire what is already there as positive procedures, projects and experiences. Analysing mistakes (error analysis?) will be replaced by analysing success (performance anal ysis?). Resourcesof teams will be used freely and create value. This way entrepreneurial  important changes and actions will be induced while at the same time, on a human level, a solid basis for understanding, trust and personal fulfilment is being created/developed.

Areas of focus:
  1. Discovering and understanding the powerofAppreciation

  2. Accessing appreci ative awarenessofourselves andour surroundings

  3. Discovering potentials and developing structures to support their realization

  4. Learning and applying the methodsofAppreci ati ve Inquiry

What the training is l ike:

Just imagine a vivid seminar with tailored exercises, supervision and group work, keynote talks, breaks and exchangeof experiences. All participants are appreci atively and dynamically involved in the conversation throughout the regularly scheduled unitsof the seminar.

Under professional guidance, we quicklyopen up a spaceof trust, a space where all participants learn with and from each other. The creative designof the course provides for an atmosphere of tremendous relaxation and intensi ty at the same time.

There are also one-on-one sessions with your coach, which create another context for you to question and develop any areasof particul ar importance to you.

How it works (training program):

  • Five phone- or Web-based seminars of three hours each (with a break in the middle)
  • Alternating with
  • Four 1.5-hour group meetings (phoneor web)
  • One-on-one coaching as needed with oneof the seminar leaders
  • Reflexion partnerships among the participants
  • Experiments and exercises between the seminar units

For every participant the conception and implementationof his/herown Appreciative Inquiry process will be partof the (or every participants’s)training.

Time Frame:
  • Total duration 4-5 months
  • The datesof the seminar units and the group meetings will be set in ali gnment with all participants.

On request

Seminar leaders and coaches:

Gertraud Wegst and Dr. Reto Diezi

Both are personally available to you for your questions and to register:

phone +49 (0)6408 5034994
phone +41 (0)61 4213075

You can find further information aboutour phone- and web-based seminars and the potential of coaching onour website.

With a warm welcome and thanks for your interest,