Appreciating the Factors of Success

Appreciating the Factors of Success - the appreciators

Humans long for appreciation and recognition.

Many of our conscious and unconscious actions are based on this primal urge.

Appreciation of ourselves and others is a firm foundation for long-term success

We invite you to make this great — and often unused — potential available to your company. Each individual in a group or organization can be a key player in this positive change.


We support you in the process while you:

  • Open up and develop potentials
  • Efficiently design change processes in an appreciative way
  • Experience simpler and more effective communication both inside and outside the workplace
  • Avoid conflicts, or rather get past them more quickly and easily
  • Internalize appreciation of yourself and the world

Its simple: We support individuals, small and large groups and whole companies with coaching, training and facilitation, mostly delivered over the phone. Our support is immediate, available, and highly effective.

We look forward to your contacting us and to your feedback.